Monday, 26 September 2016

Airships Market - Factors limiting market growth Forecast 2023

An airship is a type of aerostat or lighter-than-air aircraft that can navigate through the air under its own power. Unlike fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters, airships are lighter-than-air (LTA) typically using helium to stay aloft. Airships are equipped with engines for power generation whereas aerostats are tethered to the ground, by a cable that tends to provide power. An airship’s main component is one or more gasbags, a lightweight skin containing a lifting gas to provide buoyancy. The envelope of an airship may form a single gas bag, or may contain a number of internal gas-filled cells. An airship also has engines and crew and/or payload accommodation, typically housed in one or more "gondolas" suspended below the envelope. Airships are widely used for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, communication, law enforcement, border patrolling, weather forecasting, and coast guarding. The driving factors for the drift  
The airship market has been experiencing massive growth in the recent years owing to the low operational cost and high competitive advantages of airship systems over aerostat systems and surveillance aircrafts. Also, Growing need for persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance worldwide is driving the global airships market. Moreover, increasing demand of airships for rapid communication and climatic research is boosting the demand for airships market. However, operational hazards and availability of alternatives such as aerostat systems and unmanned aerial vehicles are some of the factors restraining the market growth. Growth in the deployment of airships in military and defense forces are opening new opportunities for the participants in airships system manufacturing.
The global airships market is segmented by method of construction, by class, by payload type, and by geography. Based on the method of construction, the market can be segmented into rigid, semi- rigid, and non-rigid airships. On the basis of airship class, the market can be segmented into small, medium and large class airships. The market can also be classified on the basis of different payload, such as electro-optics, communication intelligence, thermal imaging camera, electronic intelligence, surveillance radar, and an inertial navigation system.
On the basis of applications, the market can be classified into military, homeland security, commercial and environmental research. The market segments in terms of geographical regions include North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle-East and Africa (MEA). The airships market in North America is anticipated to witness high growth due to the wide adoption of airship systems in military and homeland security applications in the region.
Industry participants dominating the global airship market with the most significant developments include Airborne Industries, GEFA-FLUG GmbH, Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd., Information Systems Laboratories Inc., Lindstrand Technologies, RosAeroSystems s.r.a., Skyship Services Inc., Westdeutsche Luftwerbung GmbH, and Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH among others.

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