Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Trending Report On “Waterjet Cutting Machinery Market” Forecasts 2014 – 2020

Mining and aerospace designing activities require special machineries and tools that are capable of cutting, reaming and shaping the objects. Waterjet cutting machineries provide an easy method to carry out such operations. Waterjet machinery employs a mixture of abrasives and water to cut hard material such as granite or metal. Pressurized water and abrasive mixture forms a suitable tool to carry out cutting operations. Increasing mining activities coupled with a need to achieve design excellence in aerospace and automotive industries are the two factors that can have direct implications on the waterjet cutting machinery market. Waterjet cutting machineries provide an easy way for cutting, shaping and reaming of metals and stones that are prone to deformations at higher temperatures.

Segmentation of waterjet cutting machinery market can be done on the basis of technology, applications and geography. Waterjet cutting technology can be divided according to the mixture used for the purpose of carrying out the cutting operations. Waterjet machineries basically employ either a mixture of abrasives and water or water alone. Waterjet machinery using mixture of water and abrasives forms the part of abrasive cutting machineries. On the other hand, only water based waterjet machineries fall under the class of pure waterjet cutting machineries. Waterjet cutting machineries are used in mining, automotive, aviation and oil & gas industry. Waterjet cutting machineries are used in mining industry for the purpose of cutting hard structures. Hydraulic mining uses highly pressurized water jets to dislodge and cut rocks and is successfully applied in the mining of gold, kaolin and coal. Automotive and aviation industry requires waterjet cutting machineries for shaping and designing various parts of the automobiles and airplanes. Waterjet machineries can be used today to cut plastics, rubber, metal, leather, stones, foods, tiles, and paper. Cutter used in these machineries is connected to a high pressure water pump that provides the necessary power to spray high speed of water or a mixture of abrasive and water.

Regional segmentation of waterjet machineries can be done by identifying the major countries that are either indulge in intensive mining activities or present as large manufacturers of jets and automobiles. Major countries indulged in mining activities include the United States in North America; China, India and Australia in Asia Pacific; Russia and Ukraine in Europe. Rest of World segment includes countries such as South Africa and Brazil. On the basis of classification under automobile and aviation, major regional segmentation of waterjet cutting machinery market includes countries such as the United States in North America; Germany, Italy, France, the United Kingdom and Sweden in Europe; Japan, China, India and South Korea in Asia Pacific.

Increasing mining activities, wide number of applications and advancement in waterjet technology are the major drivers to the waterjet cutting machinery market. Restraints to the waterjet cutting machinery market are present in the form of stringent government regulations pertaining to the use and wastage of water on these cutting tools. Increasing foreign investments in countries such as India, South Africa and Brazil leading to opening of automobile manufacturing plants in these countries can act as an opportunity for the waterjet cutting machinery market.

Some of the major players in waterjet cutting machinery market include companies such as Flow International Corporation, Bystronic, Hypertherm, Inc., Baltic Steel, DARDI International Corporation and CFC Engineering.

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