Friday, 20 May 2016

Liquid Analyzers and Services Market - Global Industry Trends and Forecast 2016 - 2023

Liquid analyzers are the instruments that are used for the determination of chemical composition of substances, which are directly involved in a chemical reaction. These liquid analyzers are also utilized for the measurement of physical parameters of the liquid that determine their chemical composition. At present, a range of liquid analyzers are available in the global market. For instance, pH & Redox / ORP analyzer is one among many liquid analyzers from ABB, which provide advanced functionalities for its users, such as, PID (proportional integral derivative) control, a sensor wash utility, in-line sensor diagnostics and automatic buffer recognition.
Different types of liquid analyzers can be categorized into following major segments:
·         Chlorine Analyzers
·         COD (chemical oxygen demand) Analyzers
·         Colorimetric Analyzers
·         Conductivity Analyzers
·         Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers
·         MLSS (mixed liquor suspended solids) Analyzers
·         Near Infrared Analyzers
·         pH/ORP (oxidation reduction potential) Analyzers
·         Titro Analyzers
·         TOC (total organic carbon) Analyzers
·         Turbidity Analyzers
Liquid analyzers find their usefulness in a range of applications, which are as follows:
·         Chemicals and Petrochemicals
·         Cement & Glass
·         Food & Beverages
·         Mining
·         Paper and Pulp
·         Pharmaceuticals
·         Power & Utility
·         Semiconductor Processing
·         Wastewater Management
In addition to the above mentioned liquid analyzers and their various applications, a wide range of liquid analyzer services are also available world over. Some of the major liquid analyzer services include:
·         Commissioning and Training
·         Equipment Maintenance
·         Equipment Upgradation
·         Repair and Replacement
·         Application System Programming
Some of the major driving factors for the growth of this market are increasing usage of different liquid analyzers in a wide range of industries, rising demand for technologically advanced equipment and increasing number of partnerships and agreements among global players. Reduction in the overall cost of various liquid analyzers combined with the availability of new and improved liquid analyzers in the global market would further fuel the growth of this market. Huge scope for technological advancement and rising demand from developing economies due to ongoing investments for setting up of a range of liquid analyzers in the region would provide future opportunities for the growth of this market.

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