Monday, 9 May 2016

Unlimited Advantages of Fleet Management Systems

Fleet management refers to a vast array of telematics solutions designed primarily to empower commercial fleet-based organizations to increase profitability and become more sustainable by bringing a substantial reduction in fuel consumption, tracking average idling times per vehicle, providing better visibility about the performance of the vehicle and driver, mitigating overtime payouts, and a myriad of other benefits. Typical fleet management solutions incorporate features such as satellite positioning, data logging, and connectivity to a central network for real-time data transfer and data communication.
Over the past many years, the global fleet management market has witnessed a steady rise in adoption of fleet management solutions on a global front and the introduction of technologically advanced, more sophisticated solutions with new capabilities that go beyond the standard GPS tracking capabilities. The major factors that have led to the increased adoption of fleet management solutions include the rising awareness of the vast benefits of fleet management systems, volatile fuel prices, rising concerns regarding CO2 emissions produced by the transportation industry and the subsequent implementation of several stringent emission-related regulations, and the need to properly manage the increasingly complex operations of commercial fleet-based companies.
The report on fleet management market presents a detailed overview of the market and analyzes its crucial segments, on a global as well as regional fronts. The report includes vast qualitative and quantitative facts about the key market elements, collected through primary and secondary research methodologies and narrowed down with the help of industry-best analytical methods.

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